Bringing back the smile

with our simple and easy debt rescue plan

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Our Promise

If we cannot help you we will give you a $50 prezzy card.
(Terms and Conditions apply)
prezzy card

A simple Process

fliing out an online form with debt rescuers

Tell us who you owe money to

sorting a plan with debts

We will talk to them and sort out a solution you can afford.

single affordable payment

You make one affordable payment

debt problem sorted

If other problems come up we are here to help every day. – just ask.

We are here to Help


If you have debts that you cannot afford to pay, we will create a debt rescue plan with a single affordable payment, with enough money left to allow you to enjoy your life again.

We promise we will put the smile back, and make your life better. Put an end to the worries, the phone calls and texts about money! Our process is easy and quick. Talk to us today about how Debt Rescuers can make your life better.


Why Choose Debt Rescuers


    Your problems are your business and we treat every client with respect and privacy. We know problems can happen to us all, so we are here to help – not judge.


    We guarantee that we can help you when we take you on as a client. If for any reason we cannot help you,  we will give you a $50 prezzy voucher. (see our T and C's)


    24-hour promise – We will be in touch with you within 24 hours of receiving your initial enquiry! We are sure we will be able to help.


About Debt Rescuers

We are specialists in debt management for both individuals and businesses. With over 20 years of experience dealing with all types of clients and debt situations.



What Our Clients Say

My wife and me both lost our jobs because of covid. we had a lot of personal loans and could not afford to pay them. Debt Rescuers sorted out our loans, arranged payment holidays and were always around to talk to if we needed

I had a lot of problems with loans when my partner left, and he wouldn’t pay his share of the loans. Debt Rescuers were very helpful, they sorted out what I could afford,

I made one affordable payment each week to them, and it really helped me to stop worrying.

For a long time, I have struggled to pay all my loans, sometimes I borrowed more money to catch up on other payments,

Debt Rescuers were wonderful, they took over the worries about my loans, got the payments sorted out and I now make one payment each week and I have money left over to enjoy my life again.

Simple 3 Step Process

With our simple process of sorted out your debts with creditors and agreeing on a single payment, you will be better off in no time!